Results of an experiment.

Some of you will remember this piece of fabric

Those of you that are seeing for the first time need to know that it is cotton fabric, and was dyed in November 3 years ago. It underwent a variety of stages during a dyeing weekend, during which there was much fun and laughter. Everyone produced some stunning fabrics, and it was decided that this one would undergo a transition. So, here it is – transformed!


Right, this is what happened. Once dyed, rinsed, washed and ironed it was duly folded. A comfortable place was sought, and there it remained for a whole year.  It then spent another year in the same place, but now partially covered by a sketchbook. Last November the sketchbook was removed, and now you are seeing the final result.

Not a very scientific experiment, but it does prove a point. I left it in the conservatory, in full sun whenever there was any, and as you will see, something definitely happened.

Here is the folded piece. You can see how much lighter it is around the edges, the part that was exposed for longest, but there is still a good amount of colour in the middle, the area covered for part of the time.

However, from this picture you can see that the ‘sketch booked’ part has lost colour, even though it missed a year of sun

This closeup reinforces the extent of the sun bleaching.


What’s wrong?


This is an answer to a student’s question. There are a number of white areas in this piece of fabric. If you are preparing for an overdye it could be a good starting point, however, if you were expecting a lovely overall colour it’s a disappointment. How could it happen? Well, there are a couple of reasons, but it could be because there just wasn’t enough water to allow the colour to flow through the fabric. Cramming fabric into a tight space can produce lovely results, but sometimes it’s just a little risky.


Dyeing is fun, but OVERDYEING is even better!  Here are the results from yesterday

I wonder what I can do today?

The benefits of an overdye

Sometimes the fabrics you have are not quite coordinated enough for the project you have in mind.  This is the perfect time to add a thin layer of colour

These silks are now perfect for my next project!  And it just took a little patience to achieve.