Another question

Where did I go wrong this time? The heartfelt cry from a student.

It’s so important to mix dyes properly. The dark blotch at the top is as a result of a bad mix with large clumps of dye that just stayed on the fabric in one place. Some colours need more work than others to produce an even mix. A good mixing technique is important.


What’s wrong?


This is an answer to a student’s question. There are a number of white areas in this piece of fabric. If you are preparing for an overdye it could be a good starting point, however, if you were expecting a lovely overall colour it’s a disappointment. How could it happen? Well, there are a couple of reasons, but it could be because there just wasn’t enough water to allow the colour to flow through the fabric. Cramming fabric into a tight space can produce lovely results, but sometimes it’s just a little risky.

Today’s Wiping Up Cloth

Not a drop is wasted.


Dry it, use it to mop up a few more spills or drips, then eventually it will be overdyed – and the result will be utterly delicious.

Isn’t dyeing fun!

Today I will be mostly dyeing….


These colours don’t give anything away at all. I’m going to keep you guessing! However, you will see the result in future stitching here.