Dyeing is fun, but OVERDYEING is even better!  Here are the results from yesterday

I wonder what I can do today?


Perfect for overdyeing. Watch this space!

Are these the final results?

I’ve been playing with a new technique

and I can see that it has lots of possibilities.  New workshop?  Well, maybe, but not until I’ve perfected it.  I’m going to try it out on a bag later, let’s see what happens…… (If you don’t see the result you know it’s a technique  in progress….




Well not today, it’s been a little damp in recent times.  Thought you might like to see a little view of part of my outside space, though.


It’s far more interesting when I’m using it, but at the moment it’s all ready for the perfect moment!  It’s bigger than it looks, and I can do quite large pieces of fabric on the surface.


Today I have to match three of these colours.

I’ll have fun doing it.

Have a great day.