In the garden, part 2

You may remember the start of the process, which I posted yesterday, well, the results are almost in!

There was a fair amount of messing around, and it took all day, off and on, but the results are worth it.  Allowed to cool in the dyebath, the samples were carefully unwrapped and rinsed this morning.  They aren’t yet ironed, but here are some of them flapping in the gentle breeze

The way in which they are folded (or not), other additions, and the length of time in the dyebath all have an effect on the final result

You can clearly see some leaf marks here, they will be more apparent after ironing

The type of fabric effects the final result too.  I like this marking.  It reminds me of the back of a garden chair.

This piece of silk chiffon has a very ethereal quality which was difficult to photograph.  They will be ironed later, but I think you’ve probably seen enough gold fabric for one session!  My next post will be about something else.


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