In the garden…

…. in the dyepot

I wonder what will come out?

Also entered into the Weekly Photo Challenge – the theme this week is ‘inside’, and you can read lots more about it here.

The results of the above cooking are now posted here.


6 Comments on “In the garden…”

  1. Northern Narratives says:

    I have never tried this. Is it easy?

    • nuvofelt says:

      This technique is a little laborious, but some are easy. I’ll email you a quick experiment later today. It’s fun, but you need patience…..

  2. vastlycurious says:

    WELL?? What happened?

    • nuvofelt says:

      I don’t know yet! That was yesterday. This morning I will open the dyepot, rinse and dry, then all will be revealed. I’ll be posting the results here later. Thanks for visiting.

  3. marciamaclp says:

    I use golden rod a lot because it is so plentiful. I even freeze it after I extract the dye for later use. With an alum mordant the yellows produced are more muted. If you mordant with tin the colors are much brighter. I am happy to see more and more people experimenting with natural dyes!

    • nuvofelt says:

      Thanks so much for taking the time to visit and leave a comment, I really appreciate it.

      I have a freezer almost full of various dyestuffs for use over the winter. It’s always exciting to see the effect of different morndants. You will find that I post all sorts of odd things on here, mostly as tasters for beginner students. We had a blast over the last few days, including more goldenrod, and we created other colours from it. Hopefully they will all send their pictures so that I can show them after resting and rinsing.

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